Focus & Frame: Expanding Your Photographic Horizons

Embark on an inspirational photographic journey with Alex Kilbee in "Focus & Frame: Expanding Your Photographic Horizons," a course designed to elevate your photography to new heights.

Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned photographer, this course offers a unique opportunity to refine your skills. Through a structured and engaging process, you will progress toward creating a stunning, 8-image portfolio that truly reflects your personal vision.

What sets this course apart is its project-based, immersive learning approach.

You'll join a close-knit community of photography enthusiasts, led by Alex Kilbee. Together we will delve deeply into the essentials of photography, helping you to master the art of seeing, understand the interplay of light and shadow, and hone your composition skills.

Get ready to revolutionize your photography, developing a collection of work that resonates with your unique style and story. Be pushed out of creative ruts and reignite your passion for photography through inspiration and newfound motivation. This course is not just about improving your technical skills but about transforming your approach to photography, enabling you to see and compose with light in ways you never imagined.

 Join our cohort-based learning experience and secure your spot to transform your photographic expression today!

Explore creativity, challenge perceptions, and express yourself more authentically through your photography with the support of a community that shares your passion.


  • Week 1 - The Art of Seeing: Delve into the foundations of photographic vision. Discuss and challenge preconceptions, and start your journey of awareness.
  • Week 2 - Mastery of Light and Shadow: Explore the dramatic interplay of light and shadow.¬†
  • Week 3 - Composition and Scene: Focus on the elements of the scene, including composition, color, and texture.
  • Week 4 - Completing the Vision: Combine all the learned elements to refine your subject treatment and finalize your portfolio.

Each week there will be group discussion and assignments to help you refine your photography. 

Over the cohort you'll also be part of a smaller breakout group. Each week Alex will discuss the images from one of these groups. 

Alex will also be available for office hours (14:00-15:00 CST every Wednesday) to offer help with assignments

Dates and times:

  • Onboarding¬†- 29th¬†April onwards
  • Week 1 (May¬†4, 10am - 12noon CST)
  • Week¬†2 (May¬†11, 10am - 12noon CST)
  • Week¬†3 (May¬†18, 10am - 12noon CST)
  • Week¬†4 (May¬†25, 10am - 12noon CST)

Additional Information:

All sessions take place over Zoom, and will be recorded.
Photographers of all skill levels are welcome. 
Each cohort is limited to 12 photographers.

If you'd like to ask any questions, please reach out to Alex - [email protected]

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