"This channel gives perspective to different views of photography in an effort to remind photographers that the art of photography is subjective and encourage them/us to seek their/our own "eye" in our pursuit of that art."


"The Photographic Eye is about what photography is, not as a profession or passion, but as a way of living and seeing the world."






"A warm and experienced photographer presents creative ideas that the audience can use to see photography from a different perspective, and hopefully, feel inspired to go out and make new photographs without feeling constrained by their own personal-made limitations."



About Me

I've spent the last three decades as an award-winning professional photographer.
In 2020 during Covid-19 I closed my studio to devote myself full-time to helping other photographers learn the unique language of photography and develop their own photographic eye.
To date, these educational YouTube videos have been viewed over 10,000,000 times. 


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