The Rabbit Hole Of Photograph Beckons

Nov 25, 2023

Hope you are having a great Saturday!

The squirrels are still picking the remnants of the walnuts from the tree, and we've also now got a new nest of wasps in an airbrick in the back garden. Less welcome than the squirrels!

Anyway, I've talked a bit about Andreas Feininger recently, and yesterday posted a video about Jacques Henri-Lartigue on TPE.

Both the video and the newsletter have had some comments from viewers and readers thanking me for introducing them to photographers they'd never heard of before.

Way back in the mists of time, when it took me 2 weeks to record and edit a video, my goal with the fledgling channel was simply to give biographies of photographers whose images I enjoyed.

Over time of course that's slightly expanded, but the core ideas and joy remain that I get a real kick out of introducing classic photographers to a wider audience.

It's always a bit tricky to find these photographers because not only are there a lot of them, but where do you start if you don't know the names of any of them?

In my inbox was a letter from Martin who gave me the inspiration for this edition of Saturday Selections:

I got introduced to his [Andreas Feininger] work by an old BBC documentary on YouTube BBC Master of Photography what I found were features on Feininger, Kertesz, Bill Brandt, Lartique, Eisenstaedt and Ansel Adams

One of the most inspiring ways to learn about photography and discover new photographers is to listen to them talk. So I'm going to give you a list of starting points which hopefully will send you down a little rabbit hole of discovery this weekend!

I've broken them down into rough genres (each link will take you to a curated playlist):

'Greats' - Those who are, well, you know, The Greats :D

These are just a sample of what is available on YouTube, a lot of them are old and poor quality which is a shame, but at least we can see them.

Luckily in the last few years there have been more documentaries created about photographers, some are free to access on places like PBS, or you can rent them.

I'll be adding to these playlists as and when I find more documentaries.
If you'd like to help me by being a collaborator on these playlists, you can do so by clicking here

This will give you the ability to add videos to a TPE photography documentary playlist

I hope that inspires you for a few days!

Thanks again everyone for being here.


The Genius Of Photography by the BBC is probably one of the finest and most comprehensive photography documentary series ever.